What would you say to your younger self?

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Have you ever thought? If only had I known this earlier! Well, it’s both of us. You might wish it more or less tragically, but in general it’s always something you think would have helped the present version of you.

I had a moment like this last night, and I’m sharing the story in the lines below. This one thing I wish I learned earlier life can actually help many of you, too.

I am using the Nike Running Club app to motivate myself into running. I have never been a fan…

And why keeping your job is actually a good idea!

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I was at a dinner at a friend’s house, when someone said referring to a person we know from school: “Well, she’s not really an entrepreneur, because she doesn’t live off her startup…”

Hearing that kind of touched my feelings. I founded a startup, and work on it every day, after work. Yes, I work full-time in a company, because my startup does not makes money yet. So the question came spontaneously “Shall I stop considering myself an entrepreneur?”

The term entrepreneur

So in order to answer that question, I went back to the origin of the term entrepreneur.

The method that works for anyone writing in any field!

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If you are reading this, it is probably because you are struggling with getting your writing done. You have been sitting in front of your laptop for hours, trying to finish off your article. You are out of ideas, you can’t find the right start or the great finale. You are feeling stuck and probably even thinking that writing is not your thing, that you should just quit.

Well, don’t. If you feel the urge of writing then, heck yeah, you are a writer! Don’t let some nasty self-limiting believes…

And how being understanding will keep you sane nevertheless!

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I had been warned. One week before I started my former job, I had been warned.

“There is this person, who is a bit special, but I’m sure it won’t be a problem with you! You’ll be fine!” *tap on the shoulder*

And I was sure of that. I had absolutely no doubt nothing too bad could happen. I generally get on well with my co-workers. I am respectful, diligent and helpful. Why on earth would I have any problem with anyone?

Until one day, the day I was skilfully flipped

And it was the best choice I had made in years!

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For over a year, every morning I would get to the lab, put my coat on, sat behind the bench and recited to myself “Vamos, you can do this!” . The oration would be then followed always by the same tedious activity: open tube, pipette stuff in tube, close tube, next. Repeat.

This creativity-killing process had turned into an actual living hell because of the tense, toxic and leadership-lacking environment that characterized the workplace. …

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The moment that for me the acronym MVP stopped meaning Most Valuable Player and started meaning Minimum Viable Product, I began working on one. We’ve always been huge basketball fans in the family, and very little into entrepreneurship. So, while I was completely confident about the first definition of the sport-related MVP, it took me some time to fully understand the meaning of the second entrepreneurship-related MVP.

It was October 22nd, 2018. That was the day that the definition of MVP changed for me. I was in a programme called Entrepreneurship Week, which was organised by EADA Business School to…

And why you should definitely go for it!

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“Doing a PhD is just a way to postpone your job search, not a good means to actually find a job”

These were the my favourite Professors’ words when I asked him for advice on whether I should have pursued a PhD career or not. I was in my early 20s, just finished my Masters and far from home, and there I was facing the dilemma of many: to PhD or not to PhD.

My Professor practically gave me no advice, but somehow implied that, if it was a job I was…

Infertility can severely affect the mental health of those who suffer it. Yet, mental health support is incredibly overlooked, when it comes to fertility treatment.

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If you look up on Google the definition of infertility, it is pretty straightforward: the first ten links all direct to the more or less the same two lines “Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse”. …

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